NC DMV Car Title Lost

How to Recover A Lost Title For A Car

How To Get A New Title if Lost (IN NORTH CAROLINA)

  1. NC DMVFirst option is to look one more time. Is the title perhaps in your filing cabinet? Is it actually in the car in the glove compartment or inserted with the car’s manual? I know this might be childish, but consider where you may have kept your title before you decide to go ahead to step 2.
  2. If you know the title is lost, the next step is to gather the information you will need in order to order a retrieve a lost car title. You’ll need to file what’s called a MVR-4 with the North Carolina DMV. It’s simply an application to get a duplicate title. If you are having trouble filling out the information required, for example the liens that are currently on the vehicle,  you may opt to use a vehicle title look up service such as the top 6 ones here.
  3. The next step is to bring the form notarized to your local NC DMV office and wait the 15 mandatory waiting period that is required by law.
  4. Your car’s title should then be mailed to you via first class mail.
  5. Secure your title in a safe place so that you will not need another vehicle title recovery!

How Long Does it take to get a duplicate car title in NC?

You can expect it to take a week or two after the mandatory 15 day waiting period has ended after you have filed the completed MVR-4 form.

Have a more complicated title situation?

We at Auto Title Pros are experts in this area and would love to help in anyway we can. Please visit the “Free Quote” page so you can get in touch with your specific situation.


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