NC Moped Law 2015

Since July 2015, Mopeds Now Require Registration in NC

July 2015 Moped & Motor Scooter Registration Law
Photo Courtesy Jeff Noble

The new law is part of the “NC Moped Bill” or House Bill 1145.

Anyone who owns a scooter or moped has to register it giving them a registration card and a north carolina license plate.

With this law comes enforcement. Being caught without tags will very likely result in fines. State Highway Patrol is allowing a 60-day grace period for all the moped/scooter owners to make sure and register however that 60 days is now long over.

Shortly after the law was in effect, many moped owners were swift to go through the process of registration.

More NC Moped Registration Info

The moped registration fee is $18, which includes the plate. The following counties charge an additional transit fee: Durham $15; Orange $15;  Randolph $1; Wake $5

This brand new law doesn’t affect the current laws on insurance, meaning that motor scooters and mopeds till do not require insurance to be street legal.

How to renew the registration?

You can renew your moped’s registration by using the online renewal application or by mailing in the registration renewal form that should be mailed to you. Of course you can also visit a local NC DMV plate office.

Because the law is so new, law enforcement is giving moped owners more time before handing out fines.

My moped does not have a vehicle identification number. How do I obtain one? 

Contact a License & Theft office to apply for a new vehicle identification number for your moped.

For more on the nc dmv moped laws, visit their informational page here.


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