About Us

Auto Title Pros started in the year 2007.
auto title proMyself, Martha, had a mutual friend with my partner in this business, Kristian.  This mutual friend worked in the truck repair industry and he needed to sell a  truck originally brought in for repairs, but had been abandoned without payment. Since we really didn’t know much about the process, we set out to discover what his legal options were.

Through all kinds of trial and error we learned the process, and eventually mastered it!

We helped him get the title he needed and with that title in his hand he could sell the semi-truck and not only recover his expenses from his labor and purchasing parts, but was able to actually turn a profit. Since that day we have been providing our services to people all over North Carolina.

Whether you live in or near Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Wilmington, in the mountains or by the shore, we are here to help. Properly filing documents and paperwork processing can be painstaking and very time consuming. We hope to use this blog to educate and allow those looking for answers to see that we know what we are talking about and we can get the job done .


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